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What Readers Say

The Devil's Luck

"Cleverly written with an interweaving plot that keeps you thinking. "  Amazon 2020

"Lots of intrigue and surprises with a very unexpected ending." Goodreads 2022

"The characters are diverse and entertaining, and language is great. I couldn't put it down." Goodreads 2022  

The Prize Prince

“This series is a winner!” Amazon 2019

"The characters are well rounded and developed and come to life through the storytelling."  Amazon 2020

"Second full Kate BOWEN Novel and it's equally as gripping and suspense filled." Amazon 2020

Strike Back

"An excellent read and a real page turner. From it's - literally- explosive start to its conclusion I was gripped by this story. " Goodreads 2020

“I found this book to be compulsive reading from start to finish and I loved the plots involving Kate's personal life, which made her totally believable.” Goodreads 2020

"Wonderfully written, you are lead straight into the action from the very beginning and the story intricately unfolds before you. " Amazon 2021

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