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The Trinity Enigma

This free to download prequel novella is an Amazon Top 10 hit in International Crime & Mystery and Serial Killer  shortread categories.


Set in Trinity College Dublin, Detective Kate Bowen uses her surveillance expertise to track a right-wing fantasist on a killing spree.

The Devil's Luck

Set in Ireland and France, The Devil’s Luck finds Detective Kate Bowen, learning fast that everything is not always as it seems.


Intelligence points to rogue terror groups conspiring, Kate trails her target to France as events contrive to threaten everything she holds dear.


A nail-biting, high stakes chase to stop a killer.

The Prize Prince

Detective Kate Bowen is languishing in Cyprus in a backwater UN posting when a chance sighting of Dublin gang boss, Don Bailey rekindles her appetite for shadowing bad guys.


She has no idea of the score Bailey is planning or that unscrambling his lofty ambitions will change her life forever.


Hard-hitting and tense from start to finish.

Strike Back

Surveillance specialist Kate Bowen, is forced to hell and back to save a city from ruin. But can she save herself?

‘A great storm is coming,’ a British ISIS fighter warns the Al-Jazeera media network. As Kate sets out to foil the terror attack, Europol cannot tell her where, how or when it is coming.

When explosions rattle nerves in Dublin Kate is convinced she is getting close.

Can she save a city? Can she save herself?

Praise for Strike Back - 

Andrea Carter, bestselling author of the Inishowen Mysteries series praised STRIKE BACK as a “fast-paced, action-packed thriller.”

Niamh Boyce, award-winning author of The Herbalist and Her Kind said, “Strike Back is a visceral page-turner with a story that moves at breakneck speed. Fasten your seatbelts!”

Book 4 Cover (vers. 2).png

Detective Kate Bowen doesn’t fear the unknown, she chases it down. When she suspects a hidden alliance between a jailed far-right extremist and a radicalized police group embedded inside the Garda, she knows the clock is ticking and the stakes are high.

As she navigates a web of corruption and deceit, Kate must uncover the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice before it's too late

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